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Histopathology Slide: EVG Stain
EVG Stain
Histopathology Slide: TRI Stain
TRI Stain

Special Stains

Acid Mucopolysaccharides / Colloidal Iron Modification
AFB Stain / Ziehl-Neelsen's Method
AFB / Fite’s Method
Alcian Blue (for mucin) / Alcian Blue, pH 2.5
Argentophile Granules / Fontana's Masson Stain
Bodian Stain (nerve fibers) / Bodian's Method
C.N.S. for Muscle Tissue / PTAH Method
Calcium Stain / Kossa Method
Congo Red for Amyloid / Congo Red Method
Copper Stain / Rhodanine Method
DNA Stain / Feulgen Reaction
Elastic Fibers / Orcein-Giemsa (O.G.)
Elastic Fibers / Van Gieson Method (EVG)
Fat Stain / Oil Red O Method
Fe Stain / Gomori's or Perl's Method
Fungus Stain / Grocott's Method (GMS)
Giemsa Stain / May Grunwald (modified)
Gram positive/negative / Brown - Brenn Method
Helicobactor (HP) / Giemsa's Method
Mast Cells Stain / Toluidine Blue
Melanin Bleach / Lillie's Method
Mucicarmine Stain / Mayer's Mucicarmine
Myelin Stain / Luxol Fast Blue
Pap Stain / OG 6 & EA 50
PAS Stain / Periodic Acid Schiffs
PAS with Digestion / Lillie's Method
Reticulum Stain / Snook's Method
Spirochete / Steiner's Method
TRI (connective tissue) / Masson's Trichrome

The above is our standard list of special stains that we offer. We can usually accommodate other types of stains upon request. We are adding new stains weekly, so please contact us if you donít see what you are looking for.
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